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At Edmonds Web Design we build and design stunning websites that will light a fire under your Kirkland business. You need a site that people just flow through. A site that’s beautiful and responsive. That’s all a given, but it isn’t what you are paying for. A Edmonds Web Design each and every website is built to meet our client’s goals. We can’t start coding until you tell us what you want to achieve with your site. Do you want an SEO masterpiece that tells thousands of people a day about your service, easily answering questions, booking appointments and practically pushing customers through the door? We can do that!

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Developing websites is easy enough. The hard part is enriching our designs with marketing principles and embedding buy triggers into the core of all our design decisions. The success of a website depends entirely on user flow. People are habitual, our behaviors can be studied, and if you know what you are doing, anticipated. At Edmonds Web Design, we understand why placing that button on the right instead of the left amounts to a thousand extra sales a month. We understand how to order pages so that people and search engines hit every piece of content they need to. And we combine these skills; our artistic talent for glorious design, with our complete mastery over results-driven marketing and growth hacking, to build you a website that’s a conversion machine.


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When someone finds you online you only have a few seconds to impress. Fail, and they are gone forever. A bad website, isn’t just costing you money, it’s putting money in your competitor’s pocket. That’s why you need a site that looks the part and speaks directly to your target demographic. Our local position as Kirkland website designers lets us understand you, your company, and the market you compete in better than anyone else. For a beautiful, performant, and SEO friendly website, we are the obvious choice.

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At Edmonds Web Design we haven’t forgotten who we are building for. You’re a small to medium-size local business in Kirkland. Real talk, your requirements for web design are modest. You don’t need the next Netflix or Twitter, you need something simple that looks the part and promotes your services. So you can drum up some business to keep the lights on and pay yourself a cushy salary. 

To build the type of sites that a small business actually needs, and to do it in record time, we leverage the latest CMS. This software is how we develop sites for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. While tech comes in and out of fashion, when you build with a CMS, you’re guaranteed a site that’s future proof, responsive, and easy to add content to. It really is the perfect solution for a web site that scales with your business, without requiring constant maintenance and upkeep.

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Jennifer I.

Mukilteo, WA

My business is doing great and I feel confident after Edmonds Web Design took over a project from another website developer who had no right to do the work we were seeking.

Derek G.

Everett, WA

Thank goodness for Edmonds Web Design. I am located on 2nd and Pike and saw they were here in Seattle, talked to Tony and set an appointment and was very happy with the website and design he was able to make for us!

Jeff J.

Seattle, WA

Great work on web, logo, and sign! Get your branding and material done with Tony!

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The Edmonds Web Design process

We consult with all out clients to uncover the why. No one is spending money on a website unless they believe they can get something out of it. You can get a lot out of it, but to maximize the value, we’d like to have a conversation. Help us understand who you are, who your customers are, and what you hope to achieve, so we can build a custom sites that are fit for your purpose.

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2. Initial Consultation

Meet in person or on a call to determine goals and plan the design

3. Design Phase

We create the logo and send design concepts to you based off our notes from Step 2

4. Revisions/finalization

We revise the logo with your feedback until satisfaction

5. Provide file formats

Multiple file formats are provided including the vector and images ready for immediate online use