Customized Internet Marketing Campaigns for Business of ALL Types and Sizes

Elevated Website Marketing

KEEP your Current Clients . . .
Acquire NEW Clients

That's the best way to GROW your business.

We all know that follow-up marketing is essential to keeping current clients and acquiring new ones.

As busy as we are these days, periodic reminders work best. Not all clients react to the same contact method.

Elevated Marketing Series (EMS) uses a variety of marketing methods:

  • Phone Calls
  • Emails
  • Faxes
  • Standard Mail (brochures, postcards and letters)

YES we have all the tools to do this, but WHAT business owner these days has time for all of that? Ed-Web Design has now Automated the process with our...

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HOW does it Work?

Capture Leads through your website and face-to-face marketing. How valuable do you think it would be to follow-up with your prospects in a customized and personal manner based on their specific interests?

Keep in Touch with your current customers. Top of mind marketing give you the edge over your competition. Segment your customers into categories based on their buying history, follow-up needs, etc... Simply upload your customers and "TAG" them to follow a marketing sequence proven best for that customer.

Marketing Automation is easy once you define the initial sequence.

Here is a sample sequence that is VERY effective.

  • Immediate auto responder email is sent to the visitor of your website, thanking them for the visit, and pointing out some things they may have missed. These emails are personalized to the customer's interests and have the same branding as your site with colors and logos.You might want to point out a few items that the visitor may have missed.
  • Another email sent 3 days later prompting questions about your product or service.
  • A week after that a post card in the mail with a discount offer or more information.

You can see how effective this approach can be. If a prospect returns to purchase your product or service, they are moved to the customer list.

Customers can receive automated emails, phone messages, faxes or direct mail associated with their purchase. Cross-sell related items, services, or give future discounts if they refer friends, neighbors or business associates.

List Management allows you to define the best customer/prospect campaigns to fit your business.The level of frequency, customization and content contained in each marketing piece is customized to your business branding. It can be as simple or complex as you like.

We also provide sample (proven) marketing pieces. These are tried and true. Use them as you want, or write your own. We can assist with any or all of the marketing preparation.

Reporting is important and will allow you to follow the success of your marketing. Which prospects open the email that they first received? Who clicked back to your website and purchased something? You receive full reporting so that you know where you stand.